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Unique and Unusual Birthday Gifts


Here are 10 unusual gifts for a birthday. These wonderful options will please your loved one.

1. Flowers in a pot

Ordinary flowers are boring and corny. They will “live” a maximum of a week. But flowers in a pot will please for a longer time. For example, an orchid is considered a symbol of beauty, innocence, and love in most cultures around the world. A hydrangea is a symbol of modesty. In addition, these flowers mean devotion and, at the same time, a declaration of love.

2. Unusual accessories

Ordinary jewelry – this is also not interesting. Another thing is if a woman is crazy about some movie or a book (“Games of Thrones”, “Twilight”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter” and others). You can choose something with such an ornament. It’s good that there is Internet because such jewelry is not easy to find in an ordinary shop.

3. Tickets

This is an excellent option for those who don’t have time to choose a gift. To make such a gift, it is enough to know what kind of music group a woman loves, what performance she would like to go to or what exhibition to visit. Buy tickets, beautifully pack, and a nice gift is ready!

4. Subscriptions

Subscription is another great gift option. The choice is huge: beauty salons, spa treatments, fitness centers, yoga, massage, master classes or photo sessions. There are many sites where they offer sets from such subscriptions. The main thing is to make the right choice.

5. Execution of desires

Wishes are a very important part of our life. On birthday, you can give a set for the fulfillment of desires. It can include a book of desires, a medallion for desires, and cute accessories.

6. Portrait in the style of pop art

Pop art is the famous style of Andy Warhol. A portrait in this style is a perfect gift for a birthday. Today you can find a lot of suggestions for drawing this portrait. You can also do it by yourself in a photo editor and then print it.

7. Bouquet of chocolates

A birthday without sweets is not a birthday. If you think so as well, then a bouquet of chocolates is a great option. Of course, you can find many offers and buy such a bouquet. But you can also do it by yourself. To do this, you need to buy a pot and fill it with a stable material. Then buy sweets and wooden skewers. Put sweets and wrapping paper on skewers. Beautifully put it in a pot and the gift is ready.

8. Quest in search of a gift

Arrange a quest in search of a gift. For example, give her some small gift, in which there will be the first clue. Then, when she finds the first surprise, you can hide the next little surprise (cosmetics, a handkerchief, a notepad, a medal “The Best Girlfriend”, anything that comes to mind) and one more clue. She has to find the main gift.

9. Photo session

A photo session will be a perfect gift for any girl. For this, you can go to a photo studio, invite a photographer to conduct a thematic photo session or arrange a home photo shoot. Stylistics can be the most diverse – pirate, glamorous, love story.

10. Congratulatory poem

Remember all the important dates for you, nicknames, jokes and include all this in a personal greeting poem. You can tell it orally or write on a beautiful postcard.

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