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Are you looking for handmade romantic gifts ideas? You know how most romantic gifts are cliche and too common these days. Everyone and their brother get the same gifts for their partners. So how about you make your gift more special and memorable?

When you are searching for romantic gift ideas, you will come across many choices and ideas - love poems, love letters, chocolates, flowers, unusual gifts, jewelry and more.

Want to make your gift more special? Want to find easy quick ideas for inexpensive and very romantic gifts to surprise your partner? Then handmade gifts are what you're looking for.

You can easily make your own handmade romantic gift and make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy. He/she will love it that you took the time to plan a handmade gift and it makes the memory much more precious for him/her.

So what kind of handmade and homemade gifts can you choose? Here are some ideas to help you...

1. Romantic Love Poems to Surprise Your Partner

Romantic Love Poems are a creative way to touch your partner's heart deeply and also surprise them with this unique handmade romantic gift.

A well written poem can move people to emotions they never knew existed. The written word is the most powerful method of communication that exists.

Write your lover a poem from your heart and capture their imagination. Not sure if you can write one? Find one from a famous author and read it aloud in front of the fireplace or before a romantic candle light dinner.

2. Make Your Own Book of Love

You can rewrite the story of how you met or a book of reasons you love your partner. You could also rewrite a fairytale substituting you and your significant other as the main characters.

You can purchase blank journals to hand write and illustrate your own, or simply use loose sheets of paper and attach them with ribbon. If you are not artistic, you can always cut out pictures from magazines or print them from your computer.

This is a very creative, unique and special handmade romantic gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day and also your anniversary.

3. Make Your Own Personalized Jewelry

Another type of unusual romantic gifts is personalized gifts. You can transform a previously normal gift idea to something special and memorable by simply personalizing it.

Many craft stores sell inexpensive supplies and kits for creating jewelry. You can also often find and make things with items you just happen to have around the house, such as an old chain and a special charm you could use.

You may be surprised that this will be received with the same excitement as diamonds, especially if paired with a special note.

The creative and romantic gift ideas will be sure to show your partner how much you care or think about them and be a gift he or she will remember for years to come.

It is these kinds of handmade gifts under $10 that are truly priceless and the most meaningful. Enjoy your creative romantic gift!

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