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Top 5 Romantic Gifts For Your Wife

Giving your wife a romantic gift should not be very difficult or challenging because it is a fact that women appreciate any sweet gesture especially from their special guy. If you want to give something to your wife, always remember that it's the thought that truly counts and not the price tag.

Here are the top 5 romantic gift ideas that your wife will surely love:

(1) Breakfast in bed that you prepared/cooked yourself

It's a good way to start your wife's day when you serve her breakfast in bed complete with the morning paper, a long-stem rose and a note to tell her how you feel. It may sound cheesy, but to her, it's could be one of the best mornings she'll ever wake up to. So expect a kiss, a hug, and maybe something extra.

(2) A box of her favorite chocolates and flowers

Chocolates are probably the ultimate cheer-booster for women. If your wife loves dark chocolate, you can get her a tin box or bars of her favorite brand. If it's truffles she loves, then give her truffles.

You can purchase a set of chocolates and flowers from specialty gift shops so you won't have a problem shopping from different stores. You can either have them delivered at her office as a surprise or at home when you are out of town for business.

(3) Spa or massage treatment

Your wife may be needing spa or massage treatment right now because of her stressful time at work. This is a thoughtful gift to your wife that she will surely enjoy. Arrange a schedule for your wife at a local salon or if you have a large budget, you can call a hotel or resort that offers these services.

(4) Romantic dinner for two

Take her out on a Friday night or on a weekend to a fancy restaurant for a romantic candle-light dinner for two. Reserve a good spot in the restaurant such as near a window for some view and musicians to serenade her.

If you can cook, prepare dinner at home and have some candles lighted, a bottle of wine and serve her favorite dishes and dessert. And don't forget to clean up afterwards.

(5) Take her out of town for a relaxing weekend getaway or a vacation

If you have the means to give your wife a vacation or a relaxing weekend, then book yourselves a couple of days on a resort or hotel. You can also go to a beach resort for a more romantic setting.

Go snorkelling, island hopping and luau if the resort/hotel offers these, and enjoy the time with her. Snuggle around the bonfire, walk along the beach and watch the sunset in the afternoon just like those cheesy actors in the movies- cheesy, but she will love your for it.

Rekindling romance with your wife can be as simple as giving her a call or sending her a sweet text message. But if you give her something tangible on top of those messages, you are strengthening your bond and making her feel more special even if you've been married for a long time.

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